How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Using The Website

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Link Yang Kamu Tuju Disini

In the early 2000s, affiliate marketing is so mushrooming in the internet world. In the same year, online buying and selling is starting to get a place in the hearts of internet users. For those of you who are now being intensively incentive to try affiliate marketing or may be in the early stages of acquaintance with affiliate marketing, we will try to discuss a little what is affiliate marketing and how to do affiliate without using the website.

We should be grateful to Amazon

Initially, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos met a woman who wanted to sell books from Amazon, but through the website. Finally Jeff provides a link that allows the woman to sell books from Amazon, and every book that sold the woman to get a commission. From there, Jeff made an affiliate program that exploded until now.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Using The WebsiteAffiliate marketing is a way of marketing where you help sell other people's products online. The goal is, you become an online marketing. Some people may be confused, as most affiliate marketing actors use websites to market their products. Then how to do when you do not have a website, can it still be an affiliate marketing? These are ways to do affiliate marketing without using the website.

Use social media

The first way is to use social media. So, you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to LinkedIn to market the product. The advantage of using social media for affiliate marketing is free. While the disadvantage is, you should strive to get followers or followers of your social media. Because it is not easy to get followers that number hundreds, even thousands.

For example Twitter, you have to do unique ways to get followers. Like displaying good profile photos, tweet some things that are useful for your followers. As for you who try Facebook Pages, you also need to know how to create a good Pages. Starting from post, profile, until when you upload photos.

Take advantage of forums

Forums are a great place to market your affiliate marketing products. Some forums like Kaskus, indowebster, Seconds Forum, Kompasiana, and others have visitors and members very much. However, there are few weaknesses when you are looking to take advantage of forums as a tool for affiliate marketing.

Some things you should notice are the rules and categories that exist in the forum. Not all forums should allow you to market the product. Like Kaskus, on threads that are in sub category, you are not allowed to sell directly. So, the way is you can interact and occasionally coffee ground. When there are some people who need the product, then you can offer affiliate products.

Email marketing

This is a privilege when you have a large email list. You can use email to market your affiliate products. For example the product is an e-book, so you can create text along with interesting images to attract your market. Some things you should know when you decide to market affiliate products via email is the design, subject, and content of your email. To learn to use email marketing, you can see some examples of email newsletters in your email inbox.

Using messenger

The last way you can use is to use messenger. Now almost all messenger that you can install on smartphone must have timeline. Well, all you can do is take advantage of the existing timeline in the messenger application. For example BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), the app has a timeline that contains status updates your friends. In addition to BBM, another messenger application that has a timeline is LINE.

In addition to utilizing the timeline, you can also create groups within the messenger. For example there are about 10 friends BBM who have ever bought your affiliate product. So they do not miss updates about the latest affiliate products, you can create a group chat. Group chat is very useful to know who your loyal product users.

That's 4 ways how to do affiliate marketing without using your own website. All the ways above you can do for free, which you do is manage the accounts well and diligently. Welcome to the affiliate marketing program.